Petición de datos no publicados para meta-analísis sobre posturas coprorales

Meta-Analysis: Call for unpublished data on experimental power posing orupright/slumped posture studies

Dear colleagues,

we are conducting a meta-analysis on the effects of power poses and upright vs. slumped body postures. In addition to published studies, we are hoping to include dissertations and other theses, unpublished manuscripts/preprints, conference presentations, and work currently in revision or press.

We would love to include all relevant studies approximately matching our inclusioncriteria:

  • Experimental design
  • Bodily manipulation: power posing (see Carney, Cuddy, & Yap, 2010, for prototypical intervention) or upright vs. slumped postures (see Riskind &Gotay, 1982, for prototypical intervention)
  • Measurement of any kind of self-reported, behavioral, or physiological variables as DVs

To submit your work, please use our submission portal or forward an e-mail . Please let us know your (a) sample size per group,(b) your dependent variables,(c) your bodily manipulation (power poses orupright/slumped postures or related manipulation), (d) relevant effect sizes for comparisons between groups (e.g., high power posing vs. control group) OR access to the raw data (incl. some kind of codebook), and the (f) reference for your work.

Once your study is received, we may ask follow-up questions regarding characteristics of your sample, experimental procedure, or other methodological factors. We will only use your data for the intended purpose of this meta-analysis.

Please reach out to us by March 31st, 2021, to submit any relevant studies or to askany questions about whether studies you have done meet our criteria.

Thank you for your time and for considering our request!

Best regards,

Robert Körner, Lukas Röseler, Astrid Schütz

University of Bamberg, Germany


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